DAILY is the photographic segment based on the representation of memories captured throughout our artistic journey.

The camera is an essential object in our daily lives that allows us to record and reflect carefully on these moments. As such, this is a genus of balance and reflection that helped us arrive at our photographic style, allowing us to analyze and argue in order to seek to evolve as artists and human beings. 

The cover photo was taken in 2014. This was one of the first photographs we captured featuring Mr. Agnelo, a homeless man we helped when we were younger. This image represents the beginning of a journey interconnecting these photographys and creating the essence of this segment. 

Through this set of images we can identify common elements such as people, violence, proximity, darkness and audacity. Each portrait is like a clue that contributes to progress, with the segment as a whole being a puzzle that leads us to what we are today and our progress. For this segment we will not seek to frame all these images in order to create a perfect harmony in terms of cores, image space, differentiation of planes. We looked, through Mr. Agnelo portrait, to continue the work we have been developing, creating a set of photographys that represent moments and environments in which we seek to be present to represent the individual in their essence and reality. We consider these segments a presentation letter so that in the future and in difficult times there is no possibility of losing our essence.